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Friday, February 21st 2020 Free Horse Racing Tips

Today's free horse racing tips covering the 1st 3 races everywhere... will be available immediately below starting from 20 minutes to 1 hour before the 1st scheduled race of the day so please check back here then and we honestly hope & trust you will discover our free professional ratings are the best you will find anywhere and YES we cover every thoroughbred horse race run in Australia 365 days a year. To access races 4 onward's & all our daily racing special's you will need to join us & start your membership. We are proud to be an Australian small business. We started in Toowoomba, QLD, right over the road from the historic Toowoomba "Clifford Park" racecourse.

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Please Note:

1: All selections on the site are given in the exact order of preference
2: 4 selections are given for those that like exacta's, trifecta's & first 4's
3: Refresh the page to see any updates & also the live rating results
4: To understand our ratings & results information read Frequently Asked Questions
5: Check our daily rating results & stats everyday at Check Our Daily Rating Results & Stats

Today's Race Tips:

How to understand our results information: Please see further below.

Tips are posted below starting from 1 hour to 15 minutes before start of the 1st race and YES it will be worth the wait.

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Key notes:
(*) Denotes "Special" so the top selection should really win
(P) Denotes "Predictable" so overall race has a higher probability of success within the given 4 selections
(O) Denotes "Open" race with many possibilities so uncertain of outcome within selections

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How to understand the results information on the website: After the winner result you will see a number for example Winner (1) $5.30 the (1) represents the winner came from the first tip in the sequence. So (2) will represent tip 2, (3) tip 3 and (4) tip 4. This information is given to help people clearly see which horse in the tips sequence actually won and it is then followed by the exacta, trifecta, first 4 and quadrella results information if we have tipped it correctly within the selections given and the prices shown are from the NSW TAB.

Important Please Read:

Immediately above you will find all of today's free professional ratings which are always posted right here on the website starting from 1 hour to 15 minutes before the start of the 1st scheduled race of the day. Our free ratings cover the first 3 races run everywhere in Australia and if you wish to access races 4 onward's & all our daily racing special's then you will need to join us & start your membership. To view all the updated information above when it's available please "refresh this page" by pressing the circle in your browser or by pressing the refresh button provided on the site further above. Please note live rating results updates are available most days but not always though as it depends if we have the free time available to do them so if you refresh this page you will be able to see the live rating results and track betting patterns in real-time which may help you in making your wagering decisions and if you want to know how to understand the ratings and live rating results we show on the site press here at how to understand our ratings & results.

Consistency is the key to winning. If you like betting for the Win then you will like what you see on our website as the strike rate on average for our Top 2 Selections is 50% of all races run each day and if you like dutch betting you can download free staking software from Winning More right here at free dutch betting software which you can use in conjunction with our tips each day.

Here is what a normal person would do.

Bet 5% of your bank.

Back the top 2 selections

Set a goal say to win $50 for the day.

Reach goal and then pull out and come back the next day.

A Great Tip: A really sensible approach would be to go through the early bookmaker prices for the Top 2 Selections when our tips are first posted for you each day and then search out those races which represent value and bet from there. It is advisable to ignore those races which contain odds-on favourites the type of races which represent little or no value. You will find that generally the bookmaker prices you will see early will be the best prices available as generally the prices for our selections will shorten in odds over the course of the day. ​

If you want to find out even more helpful techniques and strategies you can read our ratings help guide here.

And please remember there are 365 days in a year and each day the ratings on the site can yield different winning results which is just racing and the numbers game in play. However the majority of days we do have here range between great & good results which is exactly what we want and then follows average days and then the dreaded bad days of which on average we have about 6 a year so be aware of that. Consistency is the key to winning and we are always striving for this perfect balance, so don't give up if you at first cannot find a rhythm using the ratings as everything will simply click into place for you over time and if it's not then just Ask Us A Question? and if we don't have an answer we will find someone who does. Moral to the story? If you don't know something "ASK" because this is how everyone learns and I ask questions myself everyday.

And finally always set yourself a goal for the day be it $20, $50 or $100 and NEVER push it, just walk away once you have reached it. Discipline is always key. The longer you play the greater chance of you losing. 98% of punters lose and only 2% win consistently and these 2% understand completely the concept of Money Management and please NEVER bet more than you can afford to lose.

Thanks and great luck for today & everyday.

Mike Keenan, Bill MacDonald and the team at Horse Racing Tips Australia.