Complete horse racing results

Our ratings provide you with “Proven Consistent Winning Results” and we believe that “Results Are Everything” and invite you to take a real close look at exactly what we do for you everyday.

Understanding the results

After the winner result you will see a number for example Winner (1) $5.30 the (1) represents the winner came from the first tip in the sequence. So (2) will represent tip 2, (3) tip 3 and (4) tip 4. This information is given to help people clearly see which horse in the tips sequence actually won and it is then followed by the exacta, trifecta, first 4 and quadrella results information if we have tipped it correctly within the selections given and the prices shown are from the NSW TAB.

Simply use the links provided above to check all our results from the website covering what we have achieved everyday of the year since this site began way back in late 2014 and the full results are always published everyday at the end of each days racing.

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