Frequently Asked Questions

Login and account management

Why can’t I login?

The Premium Members area is password-protected for your security and requires the correct username (email address) and password to access the Premium Members area.

If you are a Premium Member and cannot access the Premium Members area, please check:

1)  You have entered your correct username/email address and password for your account

2)  There is no autofill or saved data in the username and password fields

3)  Try a different internet browser or device with your correct account details

If you still cannot access the Premium Members site, click on the “Lost your password” option under the login fields. You will receive an email from us with a link to reset your password.

Occasionally some email services may block or filter emails from us. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam/trash in case your email filters have redirected our emails.

I want to upgrade my subscription

You can update your account in the Premium Members area. Log in as you would normally to access the Premium Member tips, then:

1)   Click “My Account” at the top right of the screen

2)  Click “My Subscription” from the left-hand side menu

3)   Under the Subscription Total subheading, click “Upgrade or Downgrade”

4)  This will take you to a new page. Select your new plan from the drop-down box menu.

5)  Once you have selected your new plan, click “Join Now” and your new subscription level will apply once your current subscription expires.

I want to cancel my subscription.

You can update your account in the Premium Members area. Log in as you would normally to access the Premium Member tips, then:

1)  Click “My Account” at the top right of the screen

2)  Click “My Subscription” from the left-hand side menu

3)  Click the “Cancel” button.

I forgot to cancel my subscription; can I have a refund?

You can update your account in the Premium Members area, so you are free to manage your account as you wish.

If you forget to cancel your subscription, let us know and we can refund your last subscription payment less the $39 monthly subscription fee (i.e. if you are on an $89 Quarterly Membership, we will refund you $50 being your quarterly membership fee of $89 less the monthly membership fee of $39), noting you will retain access for the month in this circumstance.

Free horse racing tips

Where can I get free horse racing tips?

Horse Racing Tips Australia offers free tips every day. We provide free tips for all the big tracks like Flemington, Caulfield, Randwick, Rosehill, Eagle Farm, Doomben, Ascot and Morphettville.

The free horse racing tips are published here everyday.

How do the free tips work?

The Free Tips are the same ratings that we provide to Premium Members, but we only provide free tips for the first three races of each race meet.

In addition to the ratings for the first three races of each race meet, Premium Members receive ratings for all races, specials and best bets.

Do you have free Melbourne Cup tips?

Only our Premium Members receive our tips for the Melbourne Cup. Because we provide ratings for every race, Premium Members also receive our tips for major races like The Everest, the Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup and the Magic Millions as part of the service.

Premium Memberships

What is included in a Premium Membership?

Becoming a Premium Member gives you:

  • Race Selections for every race, every day, across Australia. This includes ratings for all group races, and other highlights of the racing calendar like the Magic Millions Classics and The Everest Sprint.
  • Best Bets. These include, Exacta of the Day, Where the Money Is, Long Shot of the Day, Multi of the Day and Quaddie of the Day. We don’t post Best Bets every day – we only publish them when we identify bets that meet our criteria.
  • Specials (*). Horses that are a class above the other horses in the race and should be winning.

Our Premium Member service has been running since 2014 and we are proud to say that some of the original Premium Members are still using the service today. We would love to have you on board enjoying consistent winners each day.

If you want to become a Premium Member today, you can choose your Premium Membership plan on the Membership page.

How do I download the Free Horse Racing Tips Australia phone app?

Our service is published to the Premium Members website rather than a phone app but you can save our website to your home screen for single-click access to the Premium Members service. Just follow the instructions below.

For iPhone/iPad, you can save our site to your home screen:

  • Launch the  “Safari” app. This does not work from the “Chrome” app.
  • Enter into the address field the URL of our premium members login page ( Tap “Go.”
  • Tap the icon featuring a right-pointing arrow coming out of a box along the top of the Safari window to open a drop-down menu.
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen.” The Add to Home dialog box will appear, with the icon that will be used for this website on the left side of the dialog box.
  • Enter the name for the shortcut using the on-screen keyboard and tap “Add.” Safari will close automatically and you will be taken to where the icon is located on your iPhone/iPad’s desktop.

For Android, you can save our site to your home screen:

  • Launch the “Chrome” app.
  • Enter into the address field the URL of our premium members login page (
  • Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap “Add to home screen”.
  • You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can access Horse Racing Tips Australia anywhere on your Apple or Android device with 1 tap.

Why is Horse Racing Tips Australia different to other Betting Services?

The most important difference between Horse Racing Tips Australia and other betting services is we provide ratings selections for all races, rather than a small number of bets each Saturday. This has three advantages:

1)  Services that provide a limited number of win bets each day tend to influence market prices if the service is good (and if they are bad, you shouldn’t be a customer!) This makes it difficult for punters to make a profit as they can never achieve the same odds the services have assessed the bets at (and report against), meaning their customers don’t see the same profits as the service does. By providing ratings for all races, our service has minimal impact on market prices, giving Premium Members the best chance to find value.

2)  By providing four selections for all races, the HRTA ratings provides the opportunity for Premium Members to bet using a variety of bet types, not just win bets. If you like the thrill of exotics, the value of long shots or low-risk Dutch betting, our service is flexible enough to keep you betting exactly how you like to bet – just with more winners!

3)  Getting told to place 5 or 10 bets a day takes the fun out of punting; you may not understand why those are “good” bets or they may be inconsistent with your betting strategy, they may not even be for a race you’re interested in watching. Whether you’re a professional punter, at the local track with friends or just having a beer with mates at the Pub, we give you the information you need so you can bet on any race you want.

Importantly, we are a totally independent service not affiliated with any bookmakers or corporations, so our customers best interests are our priority.

To see how the Horse Racing Tips Australia service works in real-time, we offer 1week trials for only $25 or join up to one of our great value Premium Membership plans.

There are lots of free horse racing and sports betting tips available on TV and online, why should I pay for tips?

Websites, television shows and other services that provide free tips are typically affiliated with, and paid by, betting services. Online betting services use these affiliate services as a method of customer acquisition and are paid based on their customers losing money with the bookmakers. Free bet services are becoming prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, offering free sports betting and free horse racing tips to generate more customers for the betting service.

These services will have the occasional winner along the way but are typically paid a percentage of the customers losing bets by the bookmaker. Given the conflict of interests, it’s important to carry a healthy amount of scepticism when relying on free tips.

Horse Racing Tips Australia has offered free and a paid premium service since 2014. Because our Premium Members keep the service running, we are incentivized to provide the best tips possible.

Can I have a trial of a Premium Membership?

We offer one-weeks access to the Premium Members site for only $25 for anyone wanting to trial a Premium Membership.

To get a better idea of how the service works, we recommend signing up for a monthly package for only $39. This will give you access for a month for only $14 more than a weekly pass. If you find that our service isn’t for you, just cancel your subscription at any time during that month (you get to retain access for the remainder of the month after cancelling!).

HRTA Ratings Methodolodgy

How do the ratings work?

Our ratings have proved successful since we started providing the service in 2014. We focus on one simple principle, identifying the best horse in each race. Given a fair chance, the best horse should win.

The output of our ratings methodology is a relative rating of all the horses in each race, with the highest rating horse published as our top selection, the second highest rating horse being the second selection and so on for the four selections given.

Our top selection is the most successful of our four selections (as expected!) winning at a strike rate of approx. 30% across all races and tracks. We offer four selections for each race as we know many of our Premium Members pursue a variety of punting strategies including Dutch betting, exotics, value bets or each way bets. These other selections have consistently high strike rates with one of our four selections winning at a rate approaching 80%, highlighted by the second selection winning approx. 20% of the time.

In addition to rating the horses within a race, we rate each race based on the assessed probability that our selections will win using a simple three-tier race rating:

Specials (*) – The top selection is the clear highest rating horse and should win. On average, Specials win at a rate over 50%.

Probable (P) – The winner is expected to come from our four selections. Races designated as “P” on average have a win rate 5 percentage points higher than the average across all races.

Open (O) – All horses within the race have relatively similar ratings. Open races have a lower strike rate but frequently have higher priced winners.

How do I use the ratings?

The Horse Racing Tips Australia ratings is a flexible ratings system that can be enjoyed by casual punters having a day at the pub to professional punters looking to save time and improve their form analysis.

We are not in the business of changing how you bet, we just want to help you be better at it. What we recommend is that you continue to bet how you would normally bet, using our horse and race ratings system to improve your win rates.

If you like having a swing on win bets, our high win strike rate is going to point you towards more winners. If you’re an each way player – go for it! If you’re chasing that huge exotic or quaddie pay day, we’ve got you covered with four selections for each race. Like Dutch betting to jag consistent low-risk returns, our strike rates across the four selections will help you grind those profits. Whatever your betting strategy, our ratings are there to help you pick more winners.

How do I use the Best Bets?

The Best Bets are a “higher risk, higher return” strategy that leans towards exotics and has a bit of fun with some multi bets.

Over time, our Best Bets have a relatively equal spread of small winners and small losses, but the majority of our betting profits are generated by the occasional monster pay-out only exotics can give you. As a punter, there is nothing like the feeling of landing a quaddie paying 50x your investment or landing a 10 leg multi.

Due to the higher risk associated with these bets, these bets may not suit everyone, but for those that can handle volatility, these bets will deliver the occasional massive account “fill”.

We always suggest that you only bet using bet types you understand, so if you are new to a type of bet (i.e. exotics), please do your research before jumping into your first Banker Exacta or Quaddie without knowing what you need to win with these type of bets and how the dividend is calculated.

How do I pick more winners?

Our ratings system is based on identifying the best horse in each race, under the assumption that each horse will have a “fair” chance of winning. But occasionally we face circumstances we don’t expect including changing weather conditions (rain or wind), a biased track, jockey changes, unfavourable race maps or even scratchings.

To better identify which races to bet on and pick more winners, we suggest:

1)  Make sure track conditions suit the horse you are looking at betting on;

2)  Avoid (or adjust) your betting to account for biased tracks or changing weather conditions;

3)  Consider the race map and if it suits your horses racing style

4)  Be confident that the barrier draw benefits your horse

What you are looking for is the above factors to benefit your horse – this is Step 1.

Step 2 is to consider how these factors impact the other horses in the race. To get the biggest betting edge each time you bet, you want to be betting on horses that the conditions advantage more than its competitors (or even better, conditions disadvantage the other horses).

Even if it is the best horse in the race, if you’re not confident that your horse doesn’t have the advantage, don’t force a bet. Only betting in circumstances that are in your favour is the key to making a profit over the long term.

Betting & bookmakers

Do you get paid by or affiliated to any bookmakers?

No. We offer free horse racing tips and our Premium Members horse racing tipping service completely independent of any bookmakers. The support our Premium Members provide gives us the ability to keep providing the service, this means that we are incentivized to provide you the best tips possible.

Who is the best bookmaker or betting service?

We have no affiliations with bookmakers, so we are completely neutral towards the TAB or other corporate bookmakers.

Different bookmakers have different features, services, aps, customer service etc – but over the long term what is going to give you the best result is getting the best odds. We suggest having an account with all bookmakers (or as many as you can afford to fund) so that you can get the best prices and offers, which will deliver you the best value over the long term.

What is the best bet type?

There are lots of different bet types. The standard bet is a win or place bet, but there are a range of other options across the exotics bet types. Bookmakers are now offering “Same Race Multi’s” to give you all the thrill (and disappointment!) of multi bets in a single race. The main bet types are:

  • Win – Relatively high risk as need to pick the winner. Any other result means no return.
  • Place – Lower risk bet as selected horse only needs to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd (assuming field has 8 horses or more).
  • Exotics – High-risk bets that require multiple events to occur but can have substantial returns. Odds are not fixed or known on these bets, the betting pool for each event is split pro-rata between those that placed a winning bet (relative to bet size).
  • Multi’s – High-risk bets that require multiple events to occur but can have substantial returns. Each additional leg of a multi increases the risk (and return)

What type of bet you use should be decided by you, your view on the expected outcome and your confidence level.

We always recommend that you only use bet types that you understand.

Do you have any betting tips?

We have a couple of suggestions to keep in mind as general rules to get the best “value” out of each bet.

1)  Always check across your betting accounts and place the bet with the bookmaker giving you the best odds.

2)  Try to place your bet as late as possible. Just prior to the jump, the market percentage is at its lowest, so on average, you will get the best odds if you bet as late as possible which will put more money into your pockets over time…

3)  …But if you want/need to place your bet early (or think the price might shorten), we suggest using Bet365 who offer “odds drift protection” which will give you the higher of the starting price or your fixed price.

4)  Promotions and special offers such as Bet Boosts, Bonus Bets Back, Odds Drift Protection, Top Tote Prices etc provide real and easy value to every Punter. Having a variety of accounts that offer these types of benefits will significantly increase your returns.

5)  Be familiar with how each bookmaker treats things like place bets in small races (and after scratchings), dead heats, deductions and calculates exotic dividends to avoid surprises. Where possible, place your bets with the bookmaker who offers the most favourable terms for such bets.

6)  Most importantly, only ever bet what you can afford. Horse racing is a great pastime, and winning is great fun – but the fun shouldn’t be taken away by having a losing day.