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Our main website was having a caching issue which meant that our free horse racing tips, premium member ratings & live rating results were not updating instantly so what we have done is move our free daily horse racing tips and premium member race ratings to this brand new site where we can update everything for you in real-time. Our main website Horse Racing Tips Australia will always continue to operate as that is where all our really vital horse racing information is located and this site is just used for all of our free live horse racing tips and premium member ratings. Now you can press here to access all of today’s free horse racing tips or you can visit our main site Horse Racing Tips Australia by pressing here at Horse Racing Tips Australia.

Support the little guy, not corporations

Rupert Murdoch has bought out and a few other of the bigger horse racing sites and his corporation NewsCorp is really putting the squeeze on the little guy. Google and Apple are also doing the same thing putting the real squeeze on small business favouring huge corporations and big businesses through their search results. So if you like our website or any of the little horse racing websites still left online then Tell A Friend about us because word of mouth is going to be the only way we can all survive. Support the little guy like the team at Free Horse Racing Tips Australia today and everyday. P.S. If you own a small business horse racing website and you want to join together so we can all survive and thrive just let me know via the Contact Us page.

Horse Racing Tips Australia started in late 2014 and if you want to find out more about who we are and exactly what we do you can here at Find Out All About Us.

The 1st 3 races everywhere are provided for you free everyday 365 days year on this site and then if you wish to access the all of the rest of the days races, plus all daily racing special’s you can choose to join us & become a premium member.

Any questions? Email the team directly via the Contact Us page.

Consistency is the key to winning. If you like betting for the Win then you will like what you see on our website as the strike rate on average for our Top 2 Selections is 50% of all races run each day and if you like dutch betting you can download free staking software from Winning More right here at free dutch betting software which you can use in conjunction with our tips each day.

Top tip

Here’s what a typical punter
would do


Set your Betting Plan

Set your target winnings and your budget.



Our ratings provide the highest rated horses in every race.



Choose the races to bet on and enjoy the experience.



Once you hit your daily target or budget, take a break. 

A Great Tip

A really sensible approach would be to go through the early bookmaker prices for the Top 2 Selections when our tips are first posted for you each day and then search out those races which represent value and bet from there. It is advisable to ignore those races which contain odds-on favourites the type of races which represent little or no value. You will find that generally the bookmaker prices you will see early will be the best prices available as generally the prices for our selections will shorten in odds over the course of the day. ​

If you want to find out even more helpful techniques and strategies you can read our ratings help guide here.

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